Since 2005, CoreFitChicago has provided private professional care, physical therapy based personal training to discerning clients in the city. With a focus on preventive medicine, we provide the most innovative techniques to rehab and train more efficiently, working with your condition, in the privacy of your own home or gym. And we get it. We know you are busy. Let us work around your schedule and make sure you get stronger faster.

Services we offer:

  • Physical Therapy based Athletic Training

  • Tailored yoga | Yoga for pain management

  • Cannabis for pain relief | medical consultation

  • Injury & Post Operative Rehab exercise and Prevention

  • Cognitive Functional Exercise

  • Infrared Ultrasound massage Therapy

  • Work Station Posture consultation

Our Mission

Making health and wellness a priority can be hard when you factor in the choices we have everyday. CoreFitChicago is a company that focuses on individualized integrative plans of action to make efficient change. By working with your doctors, you can be sure we have taken all health factors into account when designing a long term plan for getting you back on track to optimal health and wellness. 

My husband and I embrace the notion that it is important to have a team of advisors in one’s life. Shayna is definitely someone to have on your team: she seeks out the best program for her clients by listening, evaluating, and coaching her “girls,” as she calls us, to our healthiest selves — in body and in mind. Her work is clearly customized to each need.

What I especially love about Shayna’s advising is that she is both well educated and greatly experienced. I can place my trust in that.
— Brenda & Jim Grusecki, Gold Coast

Shayna Robinson, Mspt, phd


"I consult Chicago's upscale clientele in private preventive health & wellness. After 12 years working with clients in sports medicine based training, I continue to design an integrative approach to combine physical and mental connectivity. Research continues to show the importance of this combination, and I have created a highly specialized level of individualized personal care to help you reach physical goals. Most of my clientele are not the typical gym-goer. They are highly motivated athletes, CEO's, politicians and the like. They don't want to just run a marathon, they want to climb everest, heli-ski in New Zealand, or competitively power lift. And medical conditions do pop up. They want to continue their lifestyle well into their 80's and I help them do that safely. That's my number one priority. "

-Shayna Robinson, Owner/Operator

"I'm at Everest Base Camp!"  -Shayna Robinson, Owner/Operator

"I'm at Everest Base Camp!"

-Shayna Robinson, Owner/Operator