We limped out...sweaty and satisfied

Last night my partners in crime, Jen, Dan and Tracy, ventured out to support our friend Terri in ending her teacher training at CorePower. Each of us is different; we carry our weight in different places, we are more and less flexible, we struggle with perfection, or not connecting to our bodies. But the four of us were all there sharing that. We all shared that perfect sweaty imperfection. We were there in support of helping ourselves and the people next to us move a little more slowly, breathe a little more deeply and connect with themselves and each other on a physical level. That's why group mentality is great. It can bring you to new highs in life, physically and mentally. When we all take a sigh of relief, when we all work hard together and take a collective deep breath, we all change just a little more than we would when we're apart. And this takes definite effort. Isolation is easy and confining. Collective work is hard but freeing!

And beginnings and endings are funny. As human beings we like circles, we like the idea of connectivity, flowing from one thing to another. Arriving together, motivating each other, working hard together and finishing strong together. Positive physical connection is an important factor in being a successful human being. 

So after our 60 minutes of mind boggling heat we limped out sweaty and satisfied. We headed over to forever yogurt for a post workout celebration of human force. It wasn't about what was perfect or imperfect then, how many calories, etc., it was about celebrating each other. I think if we focus on our successes in working hard together more, we'd focus less on definitions and rules and the disconnect that keeps us feeling different. 

I loved last night. And not because I got to work hard--I get to do that daily on my own and with my athletes--but because I was with my partners in crime. The ones who love my sweaty imperfection and all.