The Space In Between

Ever have an argument over text message?

I learn a lot about myself, in the space in between messaging. I realize that I'm not only analytical of the message but also of the spaces and times in between the response to my message. 

And this space can teach me more about myself than the actual active part of the communication. And how this can be applied to a broader scope in my life. Like, when I'm working out and the space in between my cardio or my yoga or my strength can show me how to take care of myself better, where my weaknesses and strengths lie.

And some of my patients and clients and even myself have been hurt recently. Either by pure accident, by working too hard during the active moments of communication and work with our bodies or by not resting enough in between. 

So as you come upon these moments of space, where can you find growth and understanding in order to get stronger. What can you give yourself during this space that will allow for a better dialogue with your body?