The Wanderer

I have truthfully never been to a place more crowded than durbar square market. It was all locals--what felt like millions of people pouring in from all directions in a labyrinth of streets purchasing all kinds of goods. There's something really delicate and wonderful about the balanced chaos. 

Wandering the little alley ways was at times breathtaking then overwhelming all in the same breath, getting lost in the people, the buying and selling, the smells of fresh food and spices. I got lost--more than once--but if you really know me, you know I'm a solitary wanderer who revels in losing my way amongst people and finding herself in the process.


You're all going to laugh at me right now, but it all goes back to our training and our work; engaging physically and mentally each moment for the moment. When we work physically, I try and take you out of the end goal moment and into the focus of here and now. Are we trying to fix all our physical imbalances or problems in this moment? Or are we simply trying to balance on one foot? Step by step, we walk through the process. When you break it down, moment to moment, the fear isn't totally gone, but the mind moves your physical courage forward unconsciously. That's why you'll hear me say conscious exercise is so important for your mind and body; it runs in a loop together. The mindless stuff on the treadmill is great for calories, but what will take you to the next level of  your game/practice or health is focus. And when you're in the end game moment, playing with your team, with the grand kids or (hey!) hiking a mountain top, the strength you have to take on tasks has unknowingly grown exponentially. The natural movement, the articulation of all the work we have done together strategically, comes out fluidly and without hesitation. 

From Kathmandu, Nepal


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