Padking To Namche

Imagine where I am sitting, right now in this moment, at the top of the world. No, scratch that, go higher. It's out of this world. It's infinite and serene and other worldly. It's patience with every falter in my footing. It's hard work for my breathing. It's that tingly sensation you get before whatever you are doing gets really good. It's smiling in sheer awe like a kid again. It's overwhelming goodness. 

For me ignorance is not bliss. I could never really live that way. For me, going outside my bounds of reality (hey Chicago, I'm looking at you) is necessary to challenge myself physically and mentally. Changing my focus repeatedly, never being bound by set protocol, has not been bad for my success. 

For me ignorance is not bliss. I could never really live that way.
— Shayna Robinson

It doesn't have to be winning a game or losing weight or running a marathon. Those are very repetitive things we turn to out of boredom, because it's what we've done in our past, or because it's a societal obsession, or because 30k people are doing it with you. They are safe but nonetheless destructive in the inherited complacency. What's really engaging and rewarding, at least for me, is doing something outside the realm of chosen reality. 

And that my friends is Shayna in a nutshell. Sitting here, in the wide open expanses of this mountain and these trees and the rushing river that flows effortlessly. Just like me. 

From Namche Bazar, Nepal (3440m)


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